//Top 10 Unique Foods Around the World That You Should Try Immediately!

Top 10 Unique Foods Around the World That You Should Try Immediately!

Food already becomes our consumption everyday. What can we do without eating any food? Of course, you won’t have any stamina left to run your life. There are some people who love to eat normal food and the rest who like to eat different food than usual. Yeah, that’s weird though, but that’s the reality that everyone needs to face in this world. Now, I will tell you the strangest food around the world that everyone will love or hate it. The choice is in your hand now. Without further ado, just check the top ten list of the unique foods in this world!

Top 10 Unique Foods Around the World

Tuna Eyeballs

tuna eyeballs


The first on the list the unbelievable food that everyone will ignore. Yeah, it’s the Tuna eyeballs. Can you imagine when eating this kind of food? What will happen to your stomach? I’m sure you thought you will send to the hospital immediately after chewing the food, right? That’s not gonna guys, this food is perfectly fine, all Japanese people it, and they still run their beautiful life without worrying about anything. Personally, I never eat this food, but I read it from trusted sources the taste like you eat squid and octopus.

Where can you find this Food? Of course, you need to go to Japan to try this unique food!

Chicken’s Feet

chicken feet


The next food is chicken’s feet. Yeah, you will eat the real chicken’s feet, of course, you need to cook it first (LOL). The food is quite delicious, especially the sauces. You do not need to worry the feet already cleaned, so, do make your imagination run wild about this food. What you need to be cautious when eating this food is the bone, it’s quite disturbing!

Where can you find this Food: East Asia is the best place for you to meet this food. But, you can also find in the South America and Africa.

Wasp Crackers

wasp cracker


Wow, what can I say about this one? It’s really weird, yeah it’s the weirdest food of all. Can you imagine eating a biscuit but inside it, you will find a lot of Wasp? I’m sure for normal people, they will crush this biscuit as soon they see it. This food is practically biscuit that has a wasp flavor. I wish your stomach can endure this crazy food guys!

Where can you find this food: The biscuit only available in Japan. In order to taste it, you need to go to that Sakura country. 

Frog Legs

frog legs


The next unique food is “frog legs”. Do you think I’m lying to you about this one? Forget that thought already, this food is real and exists in this world. There are many different types where you can cook this food, you can baked, grilled, and fried this food. The texture of the meat is same like chicken. I’m sure you can’t differentiate it. Even though Frog is an ugly animal, it’s still can produce a good quality of meat if make it into a food!

Where can you find this food? The Southeast Asia is your destination. Of course, not only that, if you have any relatives in France, you can also make them send the food for you.

Southern Fried Rattlesnake

fried snake


Snake is a dangerous animal for sure. If you get bitten by it, your life will end for sure (LOL). But, can you imagine if Snake can become your snack while you feeling bored? In the Southwestern of United Stated, some people in this food like normal. So, what about the taste? Is it good or bad? Or simply disgusting? Actually, the taste is similar to frog legs, and the crunchy like a fried chicken. But, you need to be cautious, when you cook it, you need to separate the bones and the meat first to get the rich texture from the meat.

Where can you find this food? Just go the Southwestern of United Stated to find this food. It’s quite a popular food in there. 




hmmm your not making a mistake when reading this section. Yeah, a dog becomes the food of regular people in Korea, China, and Vietnam. You can call me a heartless person when offering you this one, but, it’s the truth guys. The cute pets that everyone has in their house now become the food to satisfy the people. And if you ask me for the texture, I can’t answer you that, but for your information, Dog meat is really expensive in Vietnam, you can become the richest people by selling the Dog meat.

Where can you find this food? I think Vietnam is the best place for you. Why? Because Korean people right now rarely eat the Dog food, only some of them.




The sound of the name it’s pretty cool actually. But, after you find out the truth I’m sure you will puke immediately. Yeah, on the surface the food it’s really delicious, but after you know the ingredient I’m sure you want to forget about it. Okay, what the ingredients anyway? It’s the combination between Sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. Do you still want to try it? I’m sure you want to run away from this food immediately.

Where can you find this food? The only answer is the country called Scotland. I’m amazed the people from that country can eat this kind of food. 




The beautiful animal that you can find while you diving into the deep ocean. But, in China, this beautiful thing become the food. How to eat it? According to China people, you need to peel the skin of Starfish and the inside you will find the meat (green color). How about the taste? I will leave it to your imagination.

Where can you find this food? China is the best place to find this strange food.

Cobra’s Heart

cobra heart


Cobra is the dangerous reptile animal that can kill you with the venom. But, do you know you can eat the Cobra’s heart? Yeah, I can’t imagine the taste. While the heart still beating you will eat it fresh into your mouth. Hmmm I’m sure it will taste really weird.

Where can you find this food? Vietnam is the famous place where you can find this food. All people there slash the skin of Cobra’s and steal the heart.


grilled crocodile


Yeah, the crocodile is one of the protected animals by some country. But, human still uses this animal as the food. They sell part of the body of a crocodile in public. I’m curious what kind of taste that I will get from this one, actually, forget it, I need to think before I eat this animal.

Where can you find this food? You can simply go to the Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Do you think it will be tasty? I have no comment on this one. 

That’s the top 10 Unique foods around the world that all of you need to know. What do you think about it? It’s disgusting or you like it? Do not need to answer my question because I already know the answer. Hopefully, my article for today can enrich your knowledge about the weirdest food all over the world.

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