//Simple Way to Clean Oxidized Headlights on Your Lovely Car!

Simple Way to Clean Oxidized Headlights on Your Lovely Car!

What are Oxidized Headlights?

Oxidized headlights are the most annoying thing for car owner because it will make your car appearance become worse. Besides that, it will also reduce the cloudiness of the nighttime visibility. This could not be avoided because it will happen on every car owner because the car headlights made from polycarbonate or plastic. Without proper maintenance, it will be easy oxidated. It is a natural thing which occurs if your car is lack of maintenance.

If this problem has happened to you. Do not be panic or going to a workshop just by cleaning up your headlights. You can still clean up by doing it yourself. It will be a money saver for you.

Material Preparation

Firstly, you have to prepare some materials that used to clean your oxidized headlights. The main material is toothpaste. Why use toothpaste? Because it contains a mild abrasive that removes oxidized on your headlights. So, you do not need to buy a polisher to polish your car’s headlights because it will waste your money. “Why should we spend a high cost instead of getting for a low cost”. But, if you already have it. You can replace the toothpaste.

You also need to prepare some materials besides of toothpaste. What are they? Here is a complete list about what should you prepare to clean oxidized headlights. Check out the list below.

  1. Toothpaste


  1. Car Wax

car wax

  1. Masking tape

Masking Tape

  1. Plastic or vinyl glove (if your skin is sensitive)

Vinyl Gloves

How to Clean Up?

In this cleaning up process, you must understand what should you do. Do not be rush while cleaning up your car as you have to understand it in a proper way. There is some technique you have to follow in this article.

Clean The Headlights

In this step, you have to clean your headlights properly to have a maximum result. You can start cleaning up with Soap. Make sure, you do not leave any dust over there.

Protect surrounding area with masking tape

You must cover or protect the area near your headlights. You can use your masking tape to cover it because if there is an accident happen such as wrong scrubbing it will protect the car’s body without being scuffed.

Rub & scrub your headlights

Rub it with toothpaste and you can scrub it slowly shaping as a small circle for about 5 minutes, make sure you also add water as needed. Do not scrub too fast because the result will not good as your expectation if it happens.


After you have done with the step above you can wait for about 1-2 minutes to let the oxidized removed from your headlights, you can dry it by leaving it or you can use a cloth.

Apply Car Wax

If you have been successfully removing the oxidized from your headlights. You can use your Car Wax to protect it. Make sure you always maintain it very well.

Final Words

That is all that we can share about how to clean up oxidized headlights on your car. We really hope this simple guide can help you out of your automotive problem, especially oxidized headlights. Do not forget to always maintain your car because lack of maintenance is the main factor.

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