//Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips You Should Follow Before You Go for a Ride!

Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips You Should Follow Before You Go for a Ride!

Safety is the most important thing while riding a vehicle. It does not matter what kind of vehicle that you ride or how far you will go. Safety is a must for every people and you cannot put this aside. You never know what could happen when you go for a ride.  As you know that there are so many danger on the road and you can meet every possibility and not forget to mention the death. And the motorcycle is the most frequent vehicle to get an accident. So, that is why I wrote this motorcycle safety riding tips so the people who often ride their motorcycle can learn and know at the same time about how important safety is and how to make themselves safe while riding.

Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips

Protect Your Head with a Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding can save your head from a serious injury. You need to know that your head is one of the most sensitive parts which should not be severely injured. Head injury is a really serious problem because it can cause a lot of fatal things such as brain concussion, amnesia, and even death. If your head hit something hard, there is a chance you will have it.

Use the Gear that Will Make You Safe

Wearing the Gear is as important as wearing the helmet. Just protecting your head is not enough because you also need to protect your body. So, here are the gears that you could use when you are riding your motorcycle.

Leather Jacket

A usual jacket especially the thin one will not protect your body at all. If you get crashed while riding, it will not give you any protection from an impact with the asphalt. But, using a leather jacket would give you a better protection from a serious injury.


Gloves are also important to protect your hands from severe scratches due to exposed asphalt. But, try to wear the special gloves for riding because it is better than usual gloves made of fabric.

Elbow and Knee Pad

These two also cannot put aside because they can protect your elbows and knees from a collision that can result in serious injury or even fractures.

Long Pants

Wearing long pants is better than wearing short pants because it can protect and cover the whole of your legs. So, you will not get too many scratches when you fall from your ride. But, it would be better if you wear long jeans because it has a thick material.


Why have to wear boots? Because it also has a thick material like long jeans. So, it can protect your feet better than any other footwear.

Obey the Traffic Rules and Do Not Break It

One of the most often thing that makes a motorcycle rider get an accident is because they do not obey the traffic rules. So, make sure to always pay attention to every traffic rules on the road in order to avoid undesirable events. Also, never try to violate the red light because mostly an accident happens when the rider breaks this rule.

Check Your Ride Before You Go

A safety riding is not only when you ride your bike, but also before you ride it. In order to minimalize the chances to get an accident, you have to make sure that your ride is in a good condition. So, to do that, you can check the parts of it such as the tires, headlight, taillight, and turn light, gas, and the other things that are important.

Do not Drink and Stay Awake

When you want to ride a motorcycle, make sure that you do not drink any thing that contains alcohol. It would be really dangerous if you ride while you drunk. It can lead you to a fatal accident. And feeling so sleepy is also as dangerous as get drunk because you cannot concentrate very well while riding your motorcycle.


After you have read the motorcycle safety riding tips from me, you should follow all the tips above, It is because those tips are really important for a rider. Those tips can at least make sure that you are safe while riding your motorcycle. So, do not forget to follow all the tips above and stay safe.

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