//Kuta Beach, Beautiful Place from Bali Island (The God Island)

Kuta Beach, Beautiful Place from Bali Island (The God Island)

Kuta Beach has been popular since dozens decade ago. There are many people who come to Bali every day varied from both local and foreign tourists. The existence of this place could not be doubted again as almost each traveler does not want to leave this place when they were there. The most popular activity which should not be missed by everyone is to enjoy viewing the sunset which is the most wonderful scenery to see.


People often get difficulties while going to Kuta Beach. If we land on Ngurah Rai airport. We can use the local transportation which comes from Taxi. There is no public transport such as a bus that can help us get in there.

Things to Do

There are lots of activity that we can do when we are on a beach such as swimming, sun bathing, and surfing. These things are suitable to do when we are on Kuta Beach as there are no limits.

Beach Activity


Swimming Activity

The water depth in Kuta Beach is not deep enough even our kids can swim there. Besides that, the wave condition is not big but it would be better if we could accompany our kids.


Surfing Activity

Kuta Beach has already been known as the best surfing place for a beginner. Do not be shy if we are not good enough at surfing or maybe we do not even know how to surf as we would find lots of beginners who surf there. Not only them all but also there are many tutors which can help us. The tutoring price is quite affordable for you pocket by paying 200.000,00 IDR we could get some basic guides

Sun Bathing

Sun Bathing

This activity is a must for everyone who wants to burn their skins. Sun Bathing also has a great effect to avoid skin cancer. Near the coast, we can find many tourists who do sun bathing almost every time nevertheless it is already late evening.

Enjoying Sunset

Sunset View

The best part when we are at Kuta is to enjoy the sunset scenery at Kuta Beach. This one ought not to be missed as it is an amazing thing to enjoy. We recommend going before 4.30 PM as the sunset could be trigger randomly depends on the day itself. While we are waiting for the sunset, we can also chew some snacks which can be bought from street merchant near the beach.

Bali’s Night Life

Night Life

Bali has been known as the best night life ever. Through the crowded situation where we can meet almost every people on each corner, it gives a great night life sensational. Not only that but also the night club which comes from various level. Sometimes, we could also find a Kecak dance show on the Kuta street but it usually establishes on weekend.


Shopping Street

Travelling would not complete without shopping. There are lots of shopping place that we can find near Kuta street but it costs an arm and a leg. That is why we recommend giving a shot on Khrisna Shop where the price is completely affordable. Go search for it on Gmaps


After enjoying lots of activities on Kuta Beach. Certainly, our stomach a little bit hungry. Now, this is the best time to enjoy the dishes. There are some dishes that we can eat. It comes from western dishes where we can meet it almost anywhere near Kuta Beach and local dishes where it is quite difficult to find.

Western Dishes

Western Dishes

Like its popularity, Kuta Beach has always been visited by many foreign tourists that is why there are lots of western dishes such as pizza, burger, pasta and much more. These dishes are completely delicious as it could be had the same taste as yours

Local Dishes

Local Dishes

Local dishes are almost difficult to find because of its existence. As we have stated before. There are lots of foreign tourists than the local one. That is why there are only several restaurant/cafe which provides it. Fortunately, we have some reference comes from “Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk”, “Ayam Plengkung Resto”, “Warung Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika”, “Warung Halal Nasi Pecel Bu Tinuk” and “Restoran Bebek Tepi Sawah Kuta”. Now, we can open our Google Maps and search those following phrase.

Final Words

The god island certainly a suitable choice to say Bali alternatively. As Bali has lots beautiful places to visit especially Kuta Beach which has been so popular among many countries. Billion people should know about what this place is and maybe they had gone before. Hopefully, the information above could help giving the best traveling guide for you.

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