//Creative Simple Apartment Design Looks Sleek with Natural Arrangement

Creative Simple Apartment Design Looks Sleek with Natural Arrangement

Natural decor keeps the space feeling light and fresh. Like the simple apartment design here, the designer wants to create a natural ambiance and show the creativity by applying the natural elements and creative decor. Even you have a limited or narrow space when you designing with this concept design, probably your residence getting awesome and sophisticated. If you have lots of creativity and you want to renovate your flat or home by using your ideas, this is the right option! A simple apartment decor ideas with the natural arrangement is a great concept that you can follow to make your residence looks sleek.

Simple Living Room Design with Natural Decor


© Mario Mimoso


© Mario Mimoso

For the living area, actually, an open layout design is a great solution to manipulate your small space. Besides that, a simple design with natural ambiance keeps representing to this space. The designer already designed this area perfectly and make your living room looks beautiful and sleek even apply with natural decor.

The Ideas

Because this simple apartment decor ideas using a natural arrangement for beautifying the flat. So, in this living room, the designer using a wooden and indoor plants to design this space. Simple wooden coffee table, small chair, and pale blue sofa are suitable to complete this living area. Then, creative shelve that put on the wall makes this living room looks sleek. You can use it to put your stuff or artwork display and a small indoor plant to make your room does not look plain. Tinted decorative vases also bring out the most important surrounding hues. A white color shade brings out a simple and natural impression which can support this concept design also.

Open Layout Simple Kitchen and Dining Room Looks with Natural Arrangement


© Mario Mimoso



© Mario Mimoso


© Mario Mimoso


© Mario Mimoso


An open layout for the kitchen and dining area will make your flat does not look crowded. Exactly it will make your apartment look simple and neat. Adjusting with a natural arrangement also provides a fresh and beautiful scenery to this area. It also easy for parents to watch over the newest member of the family while preparing meals or snacks. And they can interact with guests in the same way!

The Ideas

The kitchen integrates plenty of marble and ceramic for a sleek and natural appearance. The backsplash that uses for the kitchen is using white tile design that has a brick pattern. A wooden material use for the floor, furniture, and cabinetry. A wooden cage for the lights makes this kitchen looks more attractive. Even this simple design apartment apply with a natural arrangement, this might bring out your design show off the natural aesthetic, so your flat does not look monotonous. Then for the dining room, full of wooden material and small indoor plants are matching with this design. Creative lights that hang from the ceiling provide a warm and serenity around the dining area, so feel comfortable to enjoy your meals.

Two Simple Bedroom Design Ideas Present a Natural Nuance

As you can see the pictures below, there are 2 types of a bedroom in this apartment, the first one is the master bedroom and the next one is a kid room. The designer arranges both keeps using a simple and natural arrangement. Take a look how the details here:


© Mario Mimoso


© Mario Mimoso

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

This is a suitable bedroom for parents or if you have an empty room, you might designing the room with this concept. When you see a glimpse of the picture above, this looks very simple but comfortable. By using a black and white world map as the main decor of this room, make your bedroom design present a bit trendy impression. This wall accent is not looking excessive but it is already covered a simplicity that the designer want shows from the design apartment with a simple design here. A big window next to the bed is suitable to produce a natural light to make this room fresher. A wooden and indoor plant inside adding a natural scenery inside.


© Mario Mimoso


© Mario Mimoso

Kid Room Design Ideas

For a young family then you have a kid, it is better if you decorate your kid room by applying a simple design but still present a natural nuance. Simple nursery room with a cheerful and attractive decor to make your child feel happy when staying inside. Like the decoration inside, a tent with bulb lights around becomes one eye-catching of this room. A creative wooden shelve and multifunction table inside can you use to put your stuff, do not missing the natural arrangement by adding an indoor plant in this simple kid room.


© Mario Mimoso

Then, there is also a bathroom, this bathroom keeps applying with a simple design, but it looks a little bit more interesting by applying a white tile hexagonal pattern design. The whole part of your simple design apartment would be perfect and sleek because each design has an attractive decor by applying with a natural arrangement.

So, if you are looking for a simple design which applies with a natural decor inside, this apartment design is suitable for you!

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